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Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. is a special time in our life when the whole congregation gathers to worship and praise God. Chidren are welcome and there is a message just for them.  A supervised nursery is provided for those 7 and under.  After worship everyone is invited downstairs for a time of fellowship and refreshments. 

In the United Church of Christ people are baptized either as children, youth or adults. When an infant or young child is baptized, one or both parents and/or one or more sponsors promise to assume responsibility for Christian nuture of the baptized child. One of the parents or sponsors should be a member in good standing of a Christian church. Those who are baptized at an early age are given an opportunity in their youth to make a personal confession of faith through confirmation. Baptism is also a central celebration in the life of the local church, and for this reason, baptism should take place in the presence of the congregation during worship. Sprinkling, pouring and immersion are all methods of baptism.  The U.C.C. also offers a service of dedication for children who are adopted or for times when parents want the child to make a personal decision about baptism.

Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of every month and on special occasions.  It is open to everyone.

Our church will perform a wedding for absolutely any couple; pre-wedding counsel required, fee charged. Contact us for more information!
Funerals & Memorial Services
Funerals and memorial services are performed for those who have been members, or family of members, or friends of the community.  When a person dies you can remember him/her with a memorial gift to the church.  When a monetary gift is given an engraved plate with a person's name is placed on the Memorial Plaque, which is located in the narthex. If the memorial has been designated for the Memorial Garden, such as to be used for shrubs, plants, benches, or general upkeep, a dogwood flower is engraved on the left upper corner of the plate. 
Memorial Garden
The Memorial Garden is located on the northside of the church.  It was designed & started to have shape in the early 1990's & continues to grow.  Families are able to place/scatter ashes in the garden in memory of their loved ones. A small fee is charge for interment & upkeep.  There are 2 benches & a short pathway throughout the garden.

Prayer Garden
A prayer garden is localed at the entrance of the White Lake Bike trail. Hundred's of plants & flowers, some of which were donated by Weesies, are growing there. There is a beautiful bench so that anyone who wants to stop & rest, can do so.  If you would like to help care for this special place, contact the office.  

Our Playground
At the back of our parking lot is a nice playground that can also be used by people using the bike trail. We have a skyfort, swingset, basketball court & parking lot space to play on. 
Absolutely Everyone is Welcome!